The Antique Harmoniums

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The Antique Harmoniums is the creation of

Jon Charles Fortman.

The group was conceived in 2003 following the initial version of their recording of "Gifts and Testaments of Robin Hood Road". The final version of this project was completed in 2009 and formally released on Nov 21 of that year.
A given Harmoniums CD will cover a wide spectrum of music genres including (but not limited to), choral, pop/rock, country, classical(orchestral), atonal, hard rock, new age.

Harmoniums CDs are produced, arranged, orchestrated and scored by Jon Charles Fortman. They are also recorded in professional studios using top-grade equipment. "Gifts and Testaments of Robin Hood Road" was captured in five different facilities:
Panhandle House Studios Denton TX

Balance Productions Mandeville LA

Dallas Sound Lab

Audio Arts (Eye Ear Dallas) Arlington TX

Pineapple Studios, Arlington TX

Mixdown was performed at Balance Productions Mandeville LA by Dave Fortman and by Erik Herbst at Panhandle House Studios Denton TX

Mastering was performed at Precision Mastering Hollywood CA by Tom Baker

Art Direction and package design was performed by Malcolm Tarlofsky

The group's second CD titled "Heirloom" is already in production. The first song to be captured, "Thanksgiving Prayer" has completed tracking at Audio Arts (Eye Ear Dallas) Arlington TX. I mapped out the conceptual phase of the project at the start of 2008. The most significant difference between the first CD and "Heirloom" is that I will not be the only contributing writer. I plan to include contributions from both of my brothers, Brent and David, as well as from two of my friends, David von Rosenberg and Jeff Schmeckpeper. I plan to produce the CD.
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The Antique Harmoniums
Contributing artists:

Jon Charles Fortman - keyboard, piano, lead guitar, backing vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar, electric rhythm guitar, lead guitar, drums, percussion, arrangements, orchestration, scoring and sound field design

Brent Fortman - lead guitar, acoustic lead guitar

Dave Fortman - drums, bass, lead guitar

Kelye Ellison (Robertson) - vocals

Chris Gray - vocals

Brad Thompson - vocals

Jeff Schmeckpeper - lead guitar

David von Rosenberg - arrangement conceptuals

Erik Herbst - lead guitar

Jay Sewell - horn, steel guitar

Texas Girls Choir

"Gifts And Testaments Of Robin Hood Road" CD Available at 
The Antique Harmoniums and "Gifts And Testaments Of Robin Hood Road" copyright
Jon Charles Fortman (ASCAP) ©2003 and Kite Creature Music (ASCAP) ©2009

The Antique Harmoniums: Gifts and Testaments
                                    of Robin Hood Road

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